Welcome one and all to The Wittgenstein Forum – a philosophy forum calling for a Wittgensteinian reading of the life and work of Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951).

I  invite scholars and students of philosophy and of Wittgenstein in particular to add to the questions we raise by offering some question marks of their own. We shall attempt in the discussions to uncover Wittgenstein’s philosophy through careful attention to what he asserts (and does not assert). All Wittgenstein’s published works are fair game in this forum. No reading of these works is to be taken as offering a final interpretation of Wittgenstein. My own preference is to emphasize a reading which results in the disclosing of patterns or aspects (following G.P. Baker). A Wittgensteinian reading of Wittgenstein. Anyway, get thinking and submit a post.

In the coming weeks, various details are to be added to this forum (e.g., links) so as to connect it to the global Wittgenstein community. My role is merely to facilitate the thoughts presented here for the benefit of the stakeholders. Again, welcome!


Simon van Rysewyk

Shih Hsin University, Taiwan