Satire on Wittgenstein’s Investigations available here. Here is a delightful sample:

18. Imagine a tribe which could masturbate only in a group. And so it never occurred to them that anyone might do it alone and they had no word for this either. And now, imagine this tribe in the dark. If no one says anything or touches anyone, do they know they’re masturbating? Suddenly someone turns on the light. At what moment would it be correct to say, ‘Hey! We’re a bunch of wankers!’?

19. Imagine everything just as it is, only DIFFERENT, instead of the same. What would it mean to want to say that, at a quite particular point in a chess game–just before you lose your queen, let us say–, we came to recognize that we lacked a special facial gesture for expressing precisely THIS kind of difference?


21. Philosophical puzzles take the form: a one-legged Indian in a butt-kicking contest on thin ice.