Amsterdam, Holland (male and female composite)

Lima, Peru (male and female composite)

Lisbon, Portugal (male and female composite)

What is the face of London, New York, or Paris? What does a typical Londoner, New Yorker, or Parisian look like? 

The images above represent the typical male or female face from Amsterdam, Lima and Lisbon, respectively. They are the work of Mike Mike, an Istanbul-based photographer. Mike addresses the effects of globalization on identity by compositing the current inhabitants of a given city to produce a face of the future. The result is a face that doesn’t presently exist, but which nonetheless seems quite real. A Face of Tomorrow. A face of no one.

Philosophically, this is very interesting. The expressive aspects of a facial expression are the felt quality of the sentience that is recognized in the face and which the face thus seems to personify. If no assumed or fictive subjectivity underlies the facial expression, that represented by the subject must. Every facial expression is seen as the expression of someone, and to express a face of no one is itself a powerfully expressive act (as Mike’s faces show). To express nothing is merely a very special quality of sentience. One can therefore always ask of a facial expression what kind of sentient agency is expressed in it. Is that true?