33. One never knows when one is making a memory.

34. Science succeeds in building an ever more complex and larger structure. Its primary function is to build. Insight and discovery add to the arrangement, and by consensus are put to strengthen or replace what ceases to function with the rest of the building. One never looks back nor down; only forward, up and out.  Philosophy, by contrast, never builds. It rearranges. As the construction site is to the building it prepares, so philosophy is to science.

35. Time is well spent when taken with a person with an intellectual or physical disability. For is he not like a mirror into which one peers, and by whose light is reflected back all one’s own weary complexity and daily bibble-babble? He simply gets on with it, with life and living. How wondrous for him to model existence in this way that I may in his presence take leave of myself, of my own tediousness and false difficulty, and to be reminded of this while by his side. Such strength!