Wittgenstein continues to exert a powerful influence, and in more ways than one. Richard Dawkins recounts the following anecdote in The Selfish Meme:

Years ago, in an Oxford tutorial, I taught a young woman who affected an unusual habit. When asked a question that required deep thought, she would screw her eyes tight shut, jerk her head down to her chest and then freeze for up to half a minute before looking up, opening her eyes and answering the question with fluency and intelligence. I was amused by this and did an imitation of it to divert my colleagues after dinner. Among them was a distinguished Oxford philosopher. As soon as he saw my imitation, he immediately said, “That’s Wittgenstein! Is her surname _____ by any chance?” Taken aback, I said that it was. “I thought so,” said my colleague. “Both her parents are professional philosophers and devoted followers of Wittgenstein.” The gesture had passed from the great philosopher, via one or both of her parents, to my pupil.