63. The expressiveness of a musical melody cannot be separated from the melody itself. What is expressive about the music is in the music, and does not reside in something else, like a mental process or brain state.

Now, when I visit a friend, what I want is simply to visit him, and my visiting him does not reside in anything that accompanies this act. I simply want to visit him. The same can be said when I return home from Taiwan to see my family. I simply want to visit my family in New Zealand, to see them again. My purpose is not to pick up the thread of my life before I left New Zealand for Taiwan; although it is true that I may do some of the same activities now as I did then (e.g., going to the pub for a meal and a drink). Curiously, the root of the word ‘visit’ is derived from the Latin videre, which means ‘to see’.

Likewise, in music, I am inclined to say that one is supposed to see the expressiveness in the heard melody, and not in it via something else which it is inferred from. The expressiveness is alive in the music, like a facial expression is in a human face. It is simply there.

62. One should not confound expertise with judgement.