T P Uschanov’s links page on Wittgenstein includes his list of Wittgenstein Scholars and Wittgensteinian Thinkers. Comments following a name are Uschanov’s, not mine. Please note: some of the links are not working.

Robert L. Arrington

Michael A. R. Biggs The world’s number one expert on the graphics in Wittgenstein’s writings.

Jacques Bouveresse Professor at the Collège de France and a partisan of Wittgenstein in Francophone lands.

Stewart Candlish

Stanley Cavell

Cora Diamond

Flash Fiasco

Juliet Floyd

Raimond Gaita (another page)

Nick Gier The author of Wittgenstein and Phenomenology.

Hans-Johann Glock

Warren Goldfarb

Donald F. Gustafson

Garth L. Hallett

Lars Hertzberg A Finnish Wittgensteinian influenced by Norman Malcolm and Peter Winch.

Herbert Hrachovec

Dale Jacquette The author of Wittgenstein’s Thought in Transition and many papers on Wittgenstein.

Gavin Kitching

James C. Klagge

Colin Koopman Many essays available here.

François Latraverse

Peter Lewis

Andrew Lilico He has several exegetical essays available.

Kent Linville

Logi Gunnarsson

Gert-Jan C. Lokhorst He has available several essays on the Tractatus and its logic.

C. Grant Luckhardt The co-translator of many of Wittgenstein’s more recent posthumous publications.

José Oscar de Almeida Marques Brazilian Wittgensteinian who has his doctoral thesis and several papers on-line.

Michael McGhee

Marie McGinn

Howard Mounce

Alfred Nordmann

J. C. Nyíri A Hungarian philosopher famous for his researches on Wittgenstein and conservatism.

Denis Paul The co-translator of On Certainty has recently written several papers on Wittgenstein’s unpublished writings.

D. Z. Phillips The most widely-read Wittgensteinian philosopher of religion for over thirty years.

Nigel Pleasants

Hilary Putnam He seems to be getting more Wittgensteinian every year.

Rupert Read

Duncan Richter

Eike von Savigny

Theodore Schatzki

Philip R. Shields

Hans Sluga

David G. Stern The author of the contemporary classic Wittgenstein on Mind and Language, and an expert on Wittgenstein’s Nachlass.

Barry Stroud

Gunnar Svensson

Stephen Toulmin

Margaret Walker

Rob West 

Roger White

Crispin Wright