Jason Crombie (middle)

From the BBC News, Tuesday, March 4, 2008 

In most ways 10-year-old Jason, from the village of Plean in Stirlingshire, is like every other boy of his age.

He has a loving family, and is happy at school, where he does well in class and is warmly accepted by his many friends.

But Jason, who was born with facial and skeletal deformities due to a rare condition – oculo-fronto-nasal syndrome, attracts unwelcome stares and it makes his life tough.

Last year he made the brave decision to not only undergo a gruelling 12-hour operation to re-structure his face, but also to let a television crew film the weeks leading up to his operation, as well as his recovery.

May 2007 was an exciting time for Jason, who won the Daily Record’s Young Hero award and attended the glitzy ceremony with his parents, Frank and Liz, and sister Samantha.

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