From the Taranaki Daily News, March 19, 2008

A New Plymouth woman is walking through town when an old friend greets her.

She answers, but keeps walking.

The mate watches her perplexed, hurt growing in her chest.

Up the road, a more persistent person stops the woman in her tracks for a chat.

The conversation is pleasant but not meaningful and the man is affronted the woman doesn’t ask how he fared in a sports event that weekend.

After all, they’d had a major discussion about it just last week, but he’s not the type to brag about success.

He walks on, feeling miffed.

The truth is the woman has no idea who these people are not a clue.

That’s because she suffers from face blindness, a neurological disorder called prosopagnosia.

The woman is embarrassed about her affliction, so prefers not to be named.

To help tell her story, we’ll call her Julie. 

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