Elizabeth Anscombe and Peter Geach
15 May 1990

Elizabeth Anscombe
“Much of my work has been concerned with intention. Like any object an action has many descriptions true of it; under some it is intentional. But not all the intentions which an agent thinks an action of his falls under are in fact true of it. For example we all mean to do well for ourselves but that doesn’t mean we do”

Peter Geach
“I have been in love with logic ever since my father started me on logic in my teens. Logic of itself cannot give anyone the answer to any questions of substance; but without logic we often do not know the import of what we know and often fall into fallacy and inconsistency.”

John McDowell
14 June 1990

“My main concerns in philosophy centre on the effects of a metaphysical outlook into which we easily fall, at the point in the history of thought that we occupy. This outlook might be called naturalism or scientism. I believe it tends towards a distortion of our thinking about the place of mind in the world: the damaging effects show up not only in metaphysics itself, but also (for instance) in reflection about language, and in the philosophy of value and action. The task of philosophy, as I see it, is to undo such distortions.”

Michael Dummett
21 May 1990

“Philosophy attempts, not to discover new truths about the world, but to gain a clear view of what we already know and believe about it. That depends upon attaining a more explicit grasp of the structure of our thoughts; and that in turn on discovering how to give a systematic account of the working of language, the medium in which we express our thoughts.”

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