The International Wittgenstein Conference in Taiwan will take place on November 7-8, 2008, in Taipei City, Taiwan, with the support of the Logic, Mind and Methodology (LMM) Group of the Department of Philosophy, National Taiwan University. 

This conference is proudly associated with the 80th Anniversary celebrations of National Taiwan University. 

List of Presenters 

Kai-Yuan Cheng
Department of Philosophy, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan
A New Look at the Skeptical Solution of Rule-Following: Lessons from a Generic Study

Leo Cheung
Baptist University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
The Tractatus and the Problem of the Unity of the Proposition

Byron Kaldis
Hellenic Open University, Greece
Wittgenstein’s Tractatus: Logical Scaffolding and Formal Ontology

David MacArthur
University of Sydney, Australia
Is Wittgenstein an Expressivist?

David McCarty
Indiana University, USA
Rule-following and Other Fallacies

Michael Mi
Soochow University, Taiwan
Climbing Ladders or Following Rules

Eric Oberheim
Humboldt University, Germany
Wittgenstein and Feyerabend

Nico Orlandi
Rice University, USA
Aspect-Seeing: Wittgenstein and Explanation in Psychology

Marcelo Stamm
University of Tasmania, Australia
Wittgenstein’s Topology: The Seat of the Soul

Simon van Rysewyk
Shih Hsin University, Taiwan
Wittgenstein and the consequences of facial paralysis

Christian Wenzel
National Chi Nan University, Taiwan
Wittgenstein and Meaning Blindness

Daniel Whiting
University of Southampton, UK
The Normativity of Meaning Defended

Jeu-Jenq Yuann
National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Wittgenstein and Popper on the Idea of Negation

Feng-Wei Wu
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, National Science Council, Taiwan
Making up as We Go along-Wittgenstein and Ethics

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