This blog contributes to the study of the human face with specific reference to Wittgenstein’s neurophenomenology (Cole, 2007).

Featured articles are theoretical and narrative-based. The technique of employing individual narrative accounts is borrowed from Jonathan Cole (2001). Emphasis is given to narratives dealing with the experience of those with visible facial difference. To draw out the face as the focus for empathy and intersubjectivity in human interaction, I offer stories from people with facial disfigurement, brain disease and congenital difficulties with expression.

Articles are written either by the author or other writers and researchers. It is hoped that the material presented here may one day gather into something of publishable value, and be of interest to others. If you wish to contribute to this project with an article or an insight, or wish to co-author an article on the topics presented here, please contact me at  


Cole, J. 2007. Wittgenstein’s Neurophenomenology. Medical Humanities, 33, pp. 59-64.  

Cole, J. 2001. Empathy Needs a Face.  Journal of Consciousness Studies, 8, No. 5-7, pp. 51-68. 

Simon van Rysewyk